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Hiking Ambrymís volcanoes
Is this the best overnight hike in the Pacific? Read about the walk over Ambrym Island's twin volcanoes in Vanuatu...

A pupil at Naviti District School in the Yasawa Islands
Vinaka Fiji: Volunteers lend a hand in the Yasawa Islands
Peace at last for 'hungry ghosts'
The sinking of the SS Ventnor in 1902 with more than 500 Chinese gold miners on board would have been New Zealand's worst maritime tragedy - but for the fact that most of them were already dead...

Georgia on my mind
Travels in the scenic, shambolic Caucasus nations of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan... Plus Georgia's amazing cemeteries and a search for Joseph Stalin

Laos: Travels in slo-mo land

Phone booths of the world
The humble phone booth from Albania to Vanuatu. I'm not kidding.

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New Zealand and the Pacific
Here's the list of photo essays so far...  [newest additions first]

South: Three weeks walking New Zealand's scenic South Island
Added Aug 2012

Rugby madness: New Zealanders celebrate the 2011 Rugby World Cup
Updated Nov 2011

Bird-brained: Is  Birdman 2011 New Zealand's maddest winter festival? 
Added July 2011

Double Dutch: Why a New Zealand town went Dutch for a day
Added May 2011

Snapped: News images shot around Northland, New Zealand, in 2010
Added Jan 2011

Stranded: Two whale strandings in two months in NZ's Far North
Added Oct 2010

For the birds: Drag queens and flying machines at Russell's Birdman

Travels in slo-mo land: Six weeks in sleepy, smiley Laos 

Inside the Axis of Not Quite So Evil: Travels in Iran's Islamic Republic

A glorious defeat: Triumph of the East Coast's loyal rugby fans

Phone booths of the world: Public telephones from Albania to Ukraine


And here's the full list of stories on Ramblings... 

With one foot in paradise: Trying to avoid the 'P' word on Aitutaki
Added Oct 2017

Against all odds: How one man survived the Burma railroad
Added Oct 2017

Twin peaks: Is this volanic ramble the best overnight hike in the Pacific?
Added April 2016

Tree houses of Tanna: Where your bed comes with a live volcano
Added Dec 2015

Top hike: Three days walking around the very top of New Zealand
Added Sept 2015

Doing the island hop: Escaping the winter blues in Fiji's Yasawa Islands
Added May 2015

In Sir Ed's steps: A visit to Sir Edmund Hillary's favourite watering hole

Fiji on foot: Taking a hike in Fiji's charming Yasawa Islands

Patient: A doctor's photos offer a rare glimpse into his patients' lives

Sinking of the SS Ventnor: A ship's hungry ghosts put to rest at last

Vinaka Fiji:
Lending a hand in Fiji's charming Yasawa Islands

Where the sun rises: A quest for NZ's easternmost pub, by bicycle

Warrior Princess: An eco-warrior follows her father's love of the oceans

The link to NZ: How a canoe has brought Dutch and Maori together

Life of Brian: The adventures of a surprising wildlife expert and author

The end of the map: Travels in an obscure corner of New Zealand

Looking for Uncle Joe: Joseph Stalin is alive and well in Georgia

The sound of metalwork: Old crafts revived in Azerbaijan

48hrs in North Wales
From little trains to a big place name

Stranded: A first- hand account of a whale stranding in NZ's Far North

Dolomites: Where hiking doesn't mean giving up the good things in life

In a foreign field: A surprising find in a corner of the former Soviet Union

Around the world in 2½ days: Scoping out the planet at Womad NZ

Dining with the dead: Georgia's extraordinary cemeteries

Riding the bamboo train: One of the world's great rail journeys?

No ordinary hole: A trip down Big Pit, the UK's national mining museum

Hong Kong in 48 hours: Wonders of architecture to beer girls

Last bus to Shqipëria: Two weeks in chaotic, generous Albania

Map of the heart: The work of "outsider artist" Jim Dornan

The land of lost hope: Nurse Margaret Bryson on Afghanistan

Wild beauty, strong spirit: A visit to the small New Zealand town of Wairoa

Unstrung hero: NZ's air guitar king





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