RAMBLINGS : Phone booths of the world



Forget cathedrals, museums and exotic cuisine... What really makes travel interesting is the ordinary, everyday things that set countries apart - like the way a nod means "no" in Bulgarian, or the reason you never touch food with your left hand in the Middle East (clue: it's related to toilet hygiene). And so it is with the humble phone booth.
Despite its simplicity, the variety of form and location is almost infinite - from the classic cast-iron booths of Britain to the moulded plastic hoods of Ukraine, from mountain top to busy city street.
Tragically, the phone booth is now an endangered species. The worldwide stampede for mobile phones means the public pay phone is rapidly becoming an anachronism, under threat and about to be consigned to the scrapheap of history. Hence this tribute to an endangered species... Long live the phone booth!

Kruja, Albania

Kutaisi, Georgia

Near Homberg, Germany

Nafplion, Greece

Esfahan, Iran

Stewart Island, New Zealand

Mardin, Turkey

New York, USA

New York, USA

Yerevan, Armenia

Biokovo National Park, Croatia

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Rostock, East Germany

Aland, Finland

Shiraz, Iran

Kandovan, Iran

Skopje, Macedonia

Arrowtown, New Zealand

Gisborne, New Zealand

Oradea, Romania

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Bakhchissarai, Ukraine

Port Vila post office, Vanuatu

Port Vila market, Vanuatu

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