[New Zealand, 2012]

With the exception perhaps of its eccentric mayor, the southern metropolis of Invercargill has no more famous resident than Henry the tuatara. Not only is Henry a representative of one of the world's most ancient species - this three-eyed lizard-like creature has barely changed in 225 million years and predates most of the dinosaurs - but Henry himself is a veteran even by the long-living standards of the tuatara.
He was hatched on Stephen's Island in Cook Strait in the last 19th century, making him at least 120 years old, and brought to Invercargill's Southland Museum in 1970.
He showed no interest in lady tuataras and was notoriously bad tempered until his minders found and removed a tumour in 2002. Henry's mojo returned overnight and he belatedly discovered the opposite sex, finally breeding in 2008.
This puts the pre-2008 Henry in firm contention for the title of New Zealand's oldest virgin.